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Welcome to A La Carte Pet Food TV CHANNEL!

You will discover everything about A La Carte Pet Food, our products/services, our customers, our team and much more…

Every week, a new episode will be posted online with our website and Youtube Channel so don’t miss a single one!


Episode 1: NSW Distribution Center

MEET THE TEAM! Fresh-faced, vibrant and friendly to the max, this video introduces all of you to the many individuals that create the energetic dynamic behind A La Carte!

Episode 2: Our Super premium Pet food

You’ve met the team, now it’s time for you to get familiar with our Super Premium formulas. In this episode, we introduce our well known silver and gold range of dog food and our sensational smelling cat food which all pets find hard to resist!



If you can’t come and see us at a show, we’ll bring the show to you!
Our newest video gives you a small snippet of what happens with A La Carte at a dog show 🤩
Thank you to all those who came to see us in Canberra and in Campbelltown the last few weeks and we will be at more dog shows in the upcoming weeks so stay tuned! 😀