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Humble beginnings.

Creating quality food has always been our family passion, before producing our own dog food we were farmers. Once we got the idea for 'A La Carte', we took the time to research and create formulas for a large name brand. We knew exactly what we had to do to create the best product possible when it came to making our mark in the pet food market.

Affordable Pricing.

As animal lovers, we had noticed that when we provide our animals with a high quality-diet, it can cost hundreds of dollars every month. So, it became our mission to provide an honest super-premium food, without the super-premium price!


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Getting Things Rolling.

At first, we worked extensively with local breeders, who looked past the lack of brand image to simply enjoy the product. Quickly, our breeder following grew until we had hundreds of breeders around the East coast! Since then, we have continued to grow popping up in strong independent pet stores and international markets everywhere.

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