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‘A La Carte’ is always looking to include some young, ambitious and motivated newcomers/interns into our operation. As such we always have a couple of paid interns in our team. Our internship programs are great for anybody that is pursuing a business career and has a passion for animals. If this is you, you can expect to learn valuable marketing, sales and export development skills. To be trained in multiple roles and to work alongside other young, like minded individuals.

By the end of your time with us, you will have a strong grasp of modern business practices and how to be a dynamic, efficient and effective executive. Our interns use the experience gained with us to propel themselves into successful careers.

Positions Available:

Sales and Business Development Assistant (Retail)

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Sales and Business Development Assistant (Breeders)

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Sales, Administration, Community & Ecommerce Manager

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Export Assistant Logistics

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International Business Development Assistant

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Intern Recommendations

Chloé, Audencia Business School

“I’ve had the chance to realize a six month internship at OEM Pet Care as an export assistant logistics. During those six months I learnt as much as in three years’ time in my business school. Mr Jouault is a really good trainer and you will come out of this experience way more mature! Furthermore the team you’re working with is just so great ! Seize that opportunity and come join them in Australia without any second thoughts!”

Alexis, ESCCA Lyon

“I would definitely recommend this experience. The small family business context is very stimulating. Mr Jouault will give you responsibilities, you will learn from your mistakes. In the position of sales man you will definitely improve yourself in English by talking with a lot of customers. Your negotiation and understanding skills will be developed by processing order over the phone but also finding new customers on the field.”

Camille, ICN Business School

“I had the pleasure of doing my internship at A La Carte Pet Food as a Business Developer for 6 months. I have learned a lot both professionally and personally. I have gained much personal growth and maturity from this experience. I have held a position of responsibility where I have learnt formative new skills and will be useful to me in my future professional life.
Thanks to the team and to my manager for everything!”

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