2.5kg-7.5kg-15kgKITTEN FROM 4 MONTH TO ADULT

Size:2.5kg-7.5kg-15kg Price: $44.95

4 month to adult cats of all breeds.
A Probiotic Cat Formula to assist furballs reduction.

Developing a routine is as important for cats as it is for us. Knowing when they are going to be fed is crucial for developing a sense of security for your cat. That is why at A La Carte, we have formulated a food that provides everything and more that your cat needs on a daily basis. So that all you need to do is pour A La Carte Feline into a clean glass or ceramic bowl wide enough for their whiskers and trust that we have handled the rest!

+Free Tofu cat litter with every single 15KG cat food bag purchased online

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