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At A La Carte, we are known to do things differently.

Naturally this philosophy extends to what we put in our food that makes it so excellent. This is because we do not shy away from ingredients that have been scientifically proven to have positive impacts on dogs, even if they seem a bit different. This is really apparent in our ingredients kelp, lactobac plus and our protein first a host more to provide a product that is that little bit better than the rest. No cheap sources of protein such as blood meal, feather meal or cheap quality meat and bone meal (MBM).


Kelp is well renowned ‘superfood’ praised for the health benefits it can provide to both humans and pets. The source of these health benefits lies in its rich concentration of iodine, iron, calcium and amino acids. This blend of these vitamins and minerals found in Kelp improve everything from dental care by reducing plaque and tartar buildup to repelling fleas naturally and even preventing cancer growths.

Protein First.

Naturally canines follow a largely carnivorous diet, so when providing the best diet possible for our pets we focused on creating a diet that imitated what they have been eating for thousands of years, only better. That is why our foods first ingredient in all of our formulas is always a source of rich quality protein, which their stomach has been used to breaking down, ensuring a holistic digestible food.

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Lacto Bac Plus.

A yeast additive added in small portions that strengthens your pet’s immune system by adding probiotic bacteria. Saving your dog from unnecessary sickness pain and saving you from expensive vet visits.

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