Grain Free Benefits

Benefits of Grain Free Dog Food

Smoked Salmon and Vegetables

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Chicken Lentils & Seaweed

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Low Grain Salmon & Potato

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A La Carte Grain-Free Dog Food Is Easier to Digest

As carnivores, a dog’s digestive system has little support for breaking down grains can result in gastrointestinal disease, inflammation, rashes, and other serious health issues. One of the significant benefits of feeding your dogs a grain-free diet with one of our formulas is the ability for dogs to digest and utilize necessary nutrients efficiently.

A La Carte Grain-Free Range Can Reduce or Eliminate Allergy Symptoms

One of the primary benefits of feeding either of our A La Carte Grain Free Range is that it’s a perfect fit for dogs with allergies. Many of our grain-free customers report their pup’s allergy symptoms decreased or disappeared entirely when switching to our best grain-free dog food. Symptoms of food allergies in dogs vary significantly and can range from mild, to very severe, to life-threatening such as:

A La Carte Grain-Free Range Provides Health Benefits

Our A La Carte Grain Free Range can help your pup with getting less flaky skin, a shinier coat, and whiter teeth and you can enjoy less-stinky dog kisses, as grain-free dog food can improve your their breath. When it comes to skin and coat health, healthy fats and oils are the names of the game especially with our Grain Free Chicken, Lentils & Seaweed. In our Grain Free E-Energy Smoked Salmon & Green Vegetables formula, your dog will have more energy allowing them to burn through it over a longer period of time, so there is no spike and no crash. 

A La Carte Grain-Free Range Offer Unique & Specialized Ingredients

Many of our alternative grain ingredients found in our Grain Free Chicken or Grain Free Smoked Salmon are great sources of nutrition such as sweet potatoes, quinoa, chickpeas, and potatoes that are used to formulate grain-free diets. One of the primary advantages is that there tends to be an increase in omega-3 fatty acids, which are particularly good for your pet’s skin and coat.

A La Carte Grain-Free Range means less clean up in the yard!

With gluten free pet food, the stools that are produced are more compact, and they will go to the toilet less frequently too. This is because there is less within grain free dog food that can’t be digested. Without the standard grains such as corn or wheat fond in other formulas, there is less requirement to remove anything, in turn most of the food is instead absorbed within the body.