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Kris - Pet Fresh
"I received the stock today and I must say I am really impressed with the quality of 'A La Carte' products and I don't think we will have any issues promoting in Western Australia."
Dr Paul HEWITT - Afghan hounds Breeder - Riverstone NSW
"Congratulations on your 'A La Carte' product Probably the best dry food we have used in our 40 years of dogs."
Debbie KING -Breeder- Goulburn NSW
"I am very happy with the dog food I purchased from you All dogs are enjoying it and maintaining good weights and plenty of energy for running around on the farm. Their coat textures have remained unchanged which was a concern that I no longer have"
Julie DELRIEGO - German shepherd kennels - Bargo NSW
“I have been using 'A La Carte' for about 8 months I was using eukanuba since my two dogs were born. I show my two German shepherds the product is a great food when i changed it from eukanuba I have not found any difference in their condition. My male dog still performs great in the show ring he is placed very high in the ring”
"I just wanted to congratulate you on your fantastic service. I paid the below invoice on Monday and sent notification to you as requested. To my utter surprise my dog food was delivered to my home last night. I am absolutely blown away by your service and wanted to thank you and let you know. My original idea was to buy only a bag of this food and eventually wean my new puppy onto other food that I could source locally in Canberra as I thought that this would be easier, however given your service I will definitely re-think my decision."
Meredith Nelson
" A friend put me on to 'A La Carte' as my German shep was quite itchy, since starting your food his itching had decreased a lot , his coat is beautiful , he has put on weight, he is very very fussy and he ate the A La Carte straight away n looks for his tea now which is something he has never done , the fact it can be delivered is wonderful , thank you so much , as the lady I used to get it from has moved in he is doing so well in it I am very reluctant to change , thank you for your enquiry"
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