GRAIN FREE FORMULA Smoked Salmon & Vegetables


Size:3kg-15.88kg Price: $48.95

Active small to medium breeds (2 month to adult)

Most vets today recommend that carbohydrates and grains make up a small portion of a dog’s diet: (50% vegetables/40% meat protein/10% grains). In containing more protein, more animal fats and fewer carbohydrates than grain-based formulas. A La Carte E-energy is more easily digested, reducing flatulence and minimising stools. A La Carte E-energy also helps keeping dogs fuller longer resulting in less food being eaten and may reduce canine food allergies.

Blackdog Treats Combo bargain with any purchase of A La Carte 15kg-18kg bag
Online Pet Food Sydney Australia
Portable Picnic Bowls $19.95 $14.95


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