2.5kg-7.5kg-15kgKITTEN FROM 4 MONTH TO ADULT

Size:2.5kg-7.5kg-15kg Price: $44.95

4 month to adult cats of all breeds.
A La Carte Felines is also formulated to assist furballs reduction.

Cats are notoriously fussy when it comes to food, often owners are forced to throw away food when their cat ’just won’t eat it’. That is why at A La Carte we have formulated such an irresistible food, using nothing but nutritious Australian ingredients. Just make sure if you are switching your feline to a higher quality diet that you blend it with their current food gradually over a 2 week period.

+Free Tofu cat litter with every single 15KG cat food bag purchased online

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Portable Picnic Bowls $19.95 $14.95


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